About us

At Contrast Eye, we do embrace the concept that creative thinking is diverse; that it is born out of different experiences, different perspectives and different ideals! As for our moniker, we believe, without CONTRAST there can be no 'coming together', no confluence of vision. The EYE is not only a visual tool, it is also a metaphorical expression: think of the eye of a needle. The thread of creative thinking, fashioned from  fibers of contrasting ideas and drawn through the magic eye of the needle where it becomes something new - something unique, inspiring and memorable. That is CONTRAST EYE and that is who we are. Our company exists in the spirit of freedom of thinking!!

People that make Contrast Eye
Juuso Syrja
Director Juuso on McDonalds shoot
Osei Kakari
Owner / Executive Producer
Sebastian Weiland
Director / DP
Simon Barrett
Executive Producer / Producer
Linda Kattam
Head of Production
Kaimar and Ree
Executive Producer Kaimar Kukk & Producer Ree Whiford
Kaimar Kukk
Executive Producer
Osei and Jeanne
Owner/EP Osei Kakari and Producer Jeanne Stacks